Dancing along THE FRINGES to the Sign of Silence!

DANCING ALONG THE FRINGES TO THE SIGN OF SILENCE is now available on AMAZON in paperback & Kindle editions: https://www.amazon.com/Elizabeth-Mozley-McGrady/e/B00J7KJWIU/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

Dancing along THE FRINGES to the Sign of Silence is an adult, Southern novel.

The novel opens in Memphis, Tennessee. Marilyn’s husband, Hudson Donati – born of old money and a powerful name- has died. In an attempt to retain the family estate, Marilyn has become a keeper of many men. She and her loyal friend Odessa Barnes are set to experience a passage they never expected.

THE FRINGES is the collective story of five women – white, biracial, and Creole -and the loyalty between them, a bond which allows strength against an often heinous and brutal world. Together, they move against the expectations of society.

How much disappointment and hardship does it take to get to the truth of who a person is? What is salvation without sin?

A Southern spring is a capricious thing. Cerulean skies darken quickly, mottle like variant hues of paint spilled onto slick glass. Surreal, warm winds suddenly chill, then growing in strength lift the skirt, steal away a hat; pull new tulips from the stem, dogwood blossoms from tender trees to toss them about like a child on the verge of a tantrum. Often arriving unheralded, sinister storms reveal a vein of indifference found in most Southerners, whom overly accustomed to foreboding go about paying no heed. And yet, unpredictable as the storm, these same unconcerned people may turn callous at a moments notice, thus revealing a commonality found among the inhabitants of an area where the untamable blood of its earliest settlers -English, Scotch-Irish, German, French, Spanish and African -continues to concentrate, coagulate as passions of the heart, or desire for retaliation. Like those in nature, personal storms surprise the careless. But, only because people act without thought of repercussion and those who take, and take, and take suddenly turn.

For some, life is the result of a preconceived plan, objectives set and attainment contrived. For others -such as Marilyn Abbot Donati -life was revealed, born perhaps, like unpredictable seasons.

And yet, Marilyn chose.

The theme of the novel is the satisfaction of loyalty and the suffering born of it.

The novel is harsh. It is meant to make one uncomfortable, and begs the reader to question ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’

I hope you will join me in ~Dancing along THE FRINGES to the Sign of Silence.




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