The need to roam is cutting deep.

In the mornings, as I am getting ready, I listen to audiobooks -the classics. Between writing, work, family and daily reading… it’s just something I need. I’ve been listening to John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra. This morning I had to turn it off.

You see, the need to roam is cutting deep.

The women of my family always taught to mix both work and pleasure into my day. Both, because they each provide the soul with something it needs -accomplishment, pleasure, appreciation.

So today, I will work on a query letter for the novel I’ve just completed. I will find something in the house that needs organizing and cleaning. I will read a little, take a walk between storms if possible, watch an old movie.

And, I will dream about returning to Key West, soaking up the hot sun and sounds of happy people. I will read about the lobstering towns along the coast in Maine and make notes for ‘someday’.

I will hear John Muir’s wistful words, his reverence and love of the Sierras in my mind!

I hope this day finds you all happy and healthy. And, I hope you find joy in it as well.


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