DANCING ALONG THE FRINGES TO THE SIGN OF SILENCE is now available on AMAZON in paperback & Kindle editions:

How much disappointment and hardship does it take to get to the truth of who a person is?

This is Marilyn Abbot’s story. A once small town, Southern girl, poor and neglected, forever tied to a childhood love – Frank Livingston, now sheriff of Shelby County; a man who represents all that is good in the world, yet a man who refused to claim the woman he loves and the child they conceived.

The novel opens in Memphis, Tennessee. Marilyn’s husband, Hudson Donati – born of old money and a powerful name- has died. In an attempt to retain the family estate, Marilyn has become a keeper of many men. She and her loyal friend Odessa Barnes are set to experience a passage they never expected.

There are lessons in everything, every situation. It does not matter if one is following the path they are meant to or not; there are always difficulties, opportunities for learning the lessons well. And it’s just this- the further one strays from what is ‘right,’ the longer it takes to get back to what is ‘good.’

THE FRINGES is the collective story of five women – white, biracial, and Creole -and the loyalty between them, a bond which allows strength against an often heinous and brutal world. Together, they move against the expectations of society.

The novel is harsh. It is meant to make one uncomfortable, and begs the reader to question ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ And yet, I hope you will join me in ~Dancing along THE FRINGES to the Sign of Silence.


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